For individuals considering therapy, finding the right fit can be a process.  Identifying treatment options can help simplify things.  To begin, individuals can ask themselves a few questions:  Am I looking for individualized attention, or am I interested in engaging in a group process?  Am I at a loss for words and seek metaphors to describe how I feel?  Am I seeking a traditional talk therapy?  

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Offering both verbal and nonverbal psychotherapy, Kendra Kambestad incorporates traditional talk therapy with movement psychotherapy.  Using movement as a metaphor, this form of psychotherapy can be an alternative language for clients to express feelings.  Movement psychotherapy can help individuals engage in recovery from substance abuse or trauma, establish a healthy relationship to the body, and create a safe space to talk.  Movement psychotherapy also enables clients to connect with others in an authentic way and to improve their overall sense of self in the world.

Psychotherapy sessions –whether in the form of movement or talk, individual or group – focus on regulating mood, bolstering self-esteem, and establishing a healthy relationship to the body.  By working together in a safe and therapeutic environment, clients overcome depression, anxiety, addictions, and cope with past traumas.