Authentic Movement is a process of moving from one's impulses toward self understanding. It involves a relationship between mover and witness as a method of unveiling unconscious material and developing the psychological Ego. This process is evolved from Jungian principles of active imagination and Freudian concepts of free association, applied to the body, and is offered by certain movement psychotherapists.

Authentic Movement involves a blend of movement and discussion. This modality differs from traditional dance/movement psychotherapy by inviting clients to close his/her eyes and wait for an inner-impulse to move. Clients remain with eyes closed for an agreed period of time while becoming increasingly aware of his/her impulses. Individuals begin to physically move, enact, or deny the impulses as they arise while the trained witness-therapist holds a safe space and reflects back to the client from a place of non-judgment. 


  • Limited to 5 participants

  • Weekly or Monthly

  • Designed for diverse group of professionals

  • Explore impulses, needs, and wants

  • Blend of movement and talk


  • Improvement in mood

  • Relief from anxiety and stress

  • Greater awareness of impulses and Self

  • Vehicle for transformation, healing, insight

  • Healthier & happier relationships with others

WEEKLY AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT GROUP: This closed group was established in 2013 and meets for 90 minutes weekly. It is geared for professionals who are seeking a greater presence with their authentic self. Clients tap into their authentic thoughts, feelings, sensations, and work toward personal and professional goals in life. Clients describe finding clarity, healthier relationships with others, and an improvement in overall mood. A safe space is provided for you to explore your authentic self within a supportive group setting. A nonjudgmental experience is cultivated, one that is dynamic, deeply personal, and integrating. Group members may join with the intention of exploring authentic impulses, gaining self-acceptance and/or discovering opportunity for change, particularly in the context of patterns, roles, and relationships.

MONTHLY AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT GROUP: This group meets once per month for 1 hour only. Movers are encouraged to explore impulses and arising themes followed by brief discussion, in a similar fashion to the weekly group but with much less overall time commitment. 

HOW CAN I JOIN? Contact Kendra if you are interested in NYC Authentic Movement Group. Space is limited and consultation is required prior to attendance.  You may also consider individual authentic movement as an alternative to the group process. 

HOW CAN I LEARN MORE? Listen to this Mind Your Body interview about bridging conscious and unconscious material through authentic movement.