KENDRA KAMBESTAD, MS, LCAT, BC-DMT is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in movement psychotherapy, creative arts therapies, and authentic movement.  She has been working in the mental health field since 2006 and is based out of New York City.  Her philosophy is rooted in the process of self-discovery, helping individuals express their whole story through movement, dance, and words. In her therapeutic process individuals move forward, experience healthy transformation, and begin to heal.

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Kendra graduated with distinction from Pratt Institute, receiving an M.S. in Dance/Movement Therapy.  She completed a psychoanalytic fellowship from the Psychoanalytic Institute affiliated with NYU School of Medicine and is licensed by the state of New York as a Creative Arts Therapist.  She is board certified by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) and formally certified as an Authentic Movement Practitioner.  Prior to her career as a movement psychotherapist she studied acting, dance, and design, receiving a B.A. in Theatre Arts from U.C. Santa Cruz.

Kendra actively engages clients in the arts as a means of bolstering ego strength. She works with individuals who want to establish a healthy relationship to the body, connect with others authentically, and reach a positive sense of self in the world.  In working with Kendra, clients can overcome depression, anxiety, addictions, and cope with past traumas. 

As a licensed psychotherapist and fully trained authentic movement practitioner, she specializes in dance/movement therapy with persons suffering from mental illness, addiction, and trauma within an inpatient psychiatric setting.  She brings 10 years of experience in creative arts therapy practice and supervision, and has facilitated authentic movement groups in private practice since 2013. Kendra has lead in-services at Bellevue Hospital and has had the honor of providing guest lectures at NYU, Yeshiva University, Sarah Lawrence College, Queens College, Pratt Institute, and The New School. Kendra enjoys dancing, painting, and collaborating professionally with artists in her leisure time. 


  • Bellevue / NYC Health + Hospitals


  • Master of Science Degree
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Fellowship in Psychoanalysis
  • Certificate as Authentic Movement Practitioner
  • Certificate as Teacher of English as Foreign/Second Language


  • Licensed by New York State Office of Professions to practice psychotherapy
  • Board Certified by American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)
  • Registered by American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)


  • Guest Faculty, Sarah Lawrence College: Clinical Internship Practicum II (Spring 2016)
  • DMT and Authentic Movement In-services for clinicians and medical students at Bellevue Hospital Center HHC (2013-2015)
  • Guest lecturer, Pratt Institute: DMT in Forensic Psychiatry (Spring 2015)
  • Guest lecturer, Queens College: Authentic Movement (Spring 2015)
  • Guest lecturer, Yeshiva University: Integrative Assessment and Treatment of SPMI - Principles of Movement Therapy (Fall 2014)
  • Assistant Guest lecturer, Pratt Institute's Spring Institute: Dancing Your Story, Playing with Imagery (Spring 2014)
  • Guest lecturer, The New School: Authentic Movement (Fall 2013)
  • Guest lecturer, NYU: Dance/Movement Therapy (Spring 2013)
  • Guest lecturer, Queens College: Authentic Movement (Spring 2013)


  • On-site clinical & academic supervision for dance/movement therapy graduate students from Pratt Institute and Sarah Lawrence College
  • For creative arts therapists seeking state licensure, board certification
  • For other psychotherapists and professionals seeking outside supervision


  • For clinicians inquiring about authentic movement group or individual psychotherapy
  • For administrators seeking consultation to enhance services in a mental health facility


  • For academic programs seeking adjunct or guest lecturer on subjects of dance/movement therapy or authentic movement
  • For mental health facilities seeking in-services on dance/movement therapy or authentic movement or forensic DMT
  • For medical schools seeking in-services with residents, fellows, or medical students